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Specialists in communication

At Unipost, we specialise in direct marketing, admail and other types of direct mail. We are thus fully prepared to advise you and help you plan your advertising communications. Our goal is to make sure you reach your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to guarantee the success of your mailing campaigns.

Moreover, at Unipost, there are no limits on the size, weight, shape or colour of your mailings. We understand that creativity is critical to ensuring optimal outcomes and maximising impact.

Global Mail Direct

Thanks to our partnership with the world's largest postal operator, DHL Global Mail, we can process shipments in more than 200 countries.

Call us for non-binding information and discover the solutions this alliance offers for your international business mail. With Unipost, the cross-border success of your business communications is guaranteed.

Direct mail is mail intended to announce, promote and sell goods or services. It must be sent to at least 500 people and be suitably packaged for postal inspection (definition based on current postal law as set forth under Spanish Royal Decree 1829/1999 of 3 December).

Planning of national and international campaigns

We help you design the ideal strategy to earn customer loyalty, win new clients and maximise the return on your investment.

Exclusive studies on direct marketing trends: Direct Marketing Monitor

Discover the keys to direct marketing both inside and outside Spain. Obtain valuable information to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. (Learn more.)

Advice on how to make the most of your databases

Databases are a key tool for creating value for your business. With Unipost, you will always make the most of them.

Printing and handling service

We prepare your shipments according to your needs, handling each item with utmost care. Consequently, we can guarantee that they will reach your customers in perfect condition, just as you designed them.

Application for in-house preparation of shipments (Bundle Manager)

This simple software tool allows you to sort your campaign before delivering it to us, thereby saving time and money.

Pick-up service

We pick up your mail at your facilities as often as you need. It's that easy and convenient.

Processing and data on returns

Knowing why your communication could not be delivered will allow you to keep your databases clean and up to date.

Joint analysis with the client of the response rate

To help you improve the planning and management of your next campaign.

Continuous information

Check the status of your shipments by ringing 902 902 242, at or at our Service Centres.


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