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Unipost's All-in-One Service offers an extensive range of benefits. It includes management of all stages of your direct marketing campaigns: strategic planning of the action, market and target audience studies, printing and handling services, onsite pick-ups, distribution, returns processing and analysis of the results to help you purge your databases of invalid and outdated entries.

What's more, you can achieve all of this through a single partner and single set of solutions. As a result, you will save time and money, thereby making your campaign even more effective and profitable. It is the perfect combination to ensure the success of your communications.

We help you make the most of your databases, sort and segment your target audience and plan your campaign to achieve the best outcome.

Plus, if you do not have your own database, we can provide excellent solutions to increase your contacts and, thus, your chances for success.

Tell us how you would like to customise your mailings and we will take care of the rest.

We will print each item (letter, envelope, etc.) with your logo and corporate colours. Your communication will thus fully capitalise on the creativity you put into it, whilst at the same time adhering to and bolstering your corporate image.

We are experts in handling services and will process each and every one of your shipments with utmost care. We do not place limits on the shape or colour of the envelope or the number of items to be handled.

Envelope-stuffing, folding, bagging, automatic or manual handling and more. We offer everything you need to ensure that your communication reaches your customers just as you envisioned.

We pick up your mail at your facilities as often as you need. That way, you do not need to leave your office and can spend your time on what matters most: growing your business.

We make sure that your mail reaches the desired destination, whether in Spain or any of the other 200 countries around the world that we also cover through our strategic partnership with DHL Global Mail.

Place your shipments in our hands and rest assured that they will always reach their destination in perfect condition and right on time.

Knowing why your letter couldn't be delivered will allow you to maintain your databases and never sending again a failed dispatch.

To this end, we offer information about any items that could not be delivered and, should you so request, the reasons they were returned (change of address, unknown recipient, wrong address, etc.). If you wish, we can also bring you the returned mailings themselves.


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