Never lose track of your registered mail

Unicontrol is Unipost's registered mail service, enabling comprehensive tracking and control of the status of your registered mail at all times by means of a free online service.

The Unicontrol system allows you to view the delivery forms signed by the recipients quickly and conveniently as each item is delivered.

In addition to the online service, the standard service includes the first delivery attempt. If the addressee is not home, the item will be kept at the relevant Unipost centre for 10 days.

As a result of these attractive features, Unicontrol is the ideal method for sending notices, invitations, agreements, official documents, confidential communications, high-cost consignments, direct marketing campaigns, samples and more.

Unicontrol moreover offers a series of supplementary services that you can contract depending on your exact communication goals, including return of Proof of Delivery forms, second and third delivery attempts and an agreed second delivery date. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional non-binding information.

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Thanks to our partnership with the world's largest postal operator, DHL Global Mail, we can process shipments in more than 200 countries.

Call us for non-binding information and discover the solutions this alliance offers for your international registered mail. With Unipost, the cross-border success of your business communications is guaranteed.

Registered mail refers to the dispatch of important documents, such as agreements, signed quotes, exclusive cards, etc. The addressee is required to sign for the delivery and the sender receives information regarding its final status (definition based on current postal law as set forth under Spanish Royal Decree 1829/1999 of 3 December).

Rectangular shape. Maximum dimensions: 23.5 x 12 cm. Minimum dimensions: 14 x 9 cm. Maximum thickness: 5 mm. For other sizes, the sum of the dimensions (height, width and thickness) may not be greater than 90 cm and no single dimension may be greater than 60 cm.

Planning of national and international campaigns

We help you design the ideal strategy to earn customer loyalty, win new clients and maximise the return on your investment.

Printing and handling service

We prepare your shipments according to your needs, handling each item with utmost care. Consequently, we can guarantee that they will reach your customers in perfect condition, just as you designed them.

Pick-up service

We pick up your mail at your facilities as often as you need. It's that easy and convenient.

Online tracking of registered mail

Information about your shipments, status tracking, scanning of Proof of Delivery forms, return of Proof of Delivery forms and other supplementary services.


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